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Spring Training Cuts


The first round of cuts were reported by the Dodgers. Buss, Martin, Garcia, Fife, and Baez where optioned, while Reed, Erickson, Moskos, Demel & O'Brien were reassigned to minor league camp.-->DISCUSS<--



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Kershaw The Workhorse


Although the schedule allows Kershaw to get starts in three of the first six regular season games, the Dodgers say it probably won't happen. They would like to take it easy on Kershaw in the early going. He pitched a total of 259 innings last year including playoffs. Mattingly was quoted as saying, "We're very mindful of Clayton and the number of innings he pitched last year, and the short winter. We have to make sure we pay attention to how many innings this guy is throwing. We know this guy is a workhorse, and he's deep into a lot of games. It's going to translate into a lot of innings again."-->DISCUSS<--



SS, Third Confusion


With the recent signing of Erisbel Arruebarruena, and top prospect Corey Seager likely to switch to 3rd base once he reaches the big leagues, what are the Dodgers going to do with the apparent log jam on the left side of the infield? Hanley Ramirez said he wants to be a Dodger for life, and the Dodgers have shown interest in getting the 30 year old slugger signed to an extension. In addition, the Dodgers signed Juan Uribe to a two year deal during the offseason to complicate matters even more. Jump into the discussion -->HERE<--




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How Yasiel Puig Caught A Trout

March 7th, 2014 by Vince Garcia


I agonized over using that blog title, but I did, and I’m not ashamed of myself for doing it! It’s like a dog chasing a car or that limo thing guys are compelled to do. You know, the limo is parked on the side of the street and a guy can’t help but walk up and ask, “hey folks, is it already time to head to the Playboy Mansion?” Guys just can’t help themselves. Speaking of the Playboy mansion, is that considered a theme park? Ok, I’m done, but I fully expect Playboy to send me a free subscripti…errr…passes for the plug.

Somewhere about here, I suppose I’ve got to write something about baseball. So, close the magazine, and let’s get back to the business of discussing Trout’s almost inside the park home run.

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Baseball Economics And The New Pay Channel

February 27th, 2014 by Chuck


As often happens, one of my blog ideas comes from a visceral reaction to something I’ve read. So, it’s easy to see where this rant is coming from–especially fellow Dodger fans and more specifically ourdodgers.com members. I’m preaching to the choir, right? How many of you out there are feeling some anxiety about Sportsnet LA, the new tax imposed on Dodger fans who wish to watch their team play baseball? How many of you are angry that a company who has asked a lot of you over decades of loyal patronage now wants to dig a little deeper into your pockets and literally ransom your favorite team back to you?

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